What to do when the weight is locked

how to lose weight fast. The target weight varies according to the height. In that case many are seen, reducing the diet altogether, following the diet chart; But despite that, his weight is not decreasing at all. The weight is fixed in one place. This is called weight lock.
In this case you have to adopt several strategies or methods. Nutritionist Rubaiya Parveen Riti has given details about this. He said that first the problem has to be solved. As many have seen that the metabolism is very weak. Maybe it is not possible for him to lose weight. There are many pickled fruits that are supposed to be eaten at times, such as mid-morning is best to eat or is best eaten in the afternoon; It can be seen that they eat pickled fruits at night in their food list. So in that case weight loss can also be due to gastric problems. This is noticeable.

Nutritionist Rubaiya Parveen Riti said the diet should be measured and some foods should be increased or decreased. It can be carbohydrates or proteins. It is often seen that many people follow a low-carbs diet or follow other diets, in which carbohydrates are reduced or not eaten at all. In that case also the weight is likely to be locked. Again, there are many who do not sleep properly. You need to go to bed at night and wake up a little early in the morning. If the lifestyle is not right, but not weight loss. Along with that I will say calorie burning system. Many people eat less, but do not burn calories. Those who have lost weight must eat enough to burn calories. One thing to keep in mind is that eating as much food as you can on a given day will burn calories and increase the amount of exercise you eat. And of course drink enough water. Water is very beneficial for health.

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