what phone is better iphone or android

Android phone or iPhone? Which is the best?

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating system tops the smartphone and tablet market. Although both are mobile operating systems, there is a stark difference between Android and iPhone. For this reason, “Is Android better or iPhone?” Different people have different views on such arguments. So today’s article.

Let’s find out about all the similarities and differences between Android and iPhone. Android and iOS as mobile operating systems – both are quite effective. So you can decide which is best for you.

what phone is better


Android smartphones are quite diverse in terms of hardware. 106 megapixels, in-display fingerprint or camera, chipset capable of playing computer games – what is not in today’s Android smartphones.

However, Apple is determined to keep their smartphones. The iPhone has not only offered all the features like Android but has also provided as much as the user needs to use the iPhone.

Multiple chip makers make chipsets for Android smartphones. On the other hand, Apple is the only processor for the iPhone. Apple is also in a hurry to make any hardware changes as there is no competition in the iOS operating system like Android smartphones.

While thousands of new models of Android phones come to the market every year, Apple brings only a few models of the iPhone to the market. Although the product is low, Apple does not compromise in terms of quality.

Apple’s iPhone parts are made by Apple itself. Apple also monitors parts taken from third parties Considering these aspects, Apple gets the benefit of having full control over the hardware aspect.


As it is a touchscreen based operating system, there is a similarity between the interface of Android and iPhone. The home screen is displayed after the launch of Android, but the app drawer can be seen directly after the launch of the iOS-powered iPhone or iPad.

Both Android and iPhone operating systems have status bars that show important information such as internet signals and battery life. In addition to these, notifications of emails, messages or reminders are also shown on Android.

As it is an open source program, the interface of Android developed by third parties is different. However, the interface of iOS-powered devices is always the same, making it much easier to recognize iOS-powered devices.


One of the main differences between Android and iPhone is their software or operating system. Numerous phones from companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, powered by the Android operating system are available in the market. On the other hand, the main exclusive feature of the iPhone is its iOS operating system.

Although the Android operating system is made by Google, other companies make hardware. On the other hand, Apple makes everything from iOS operating system to chipset on iPhone.

The lack of optimization from the beginning is quite noticeable in Android smartphones as there are multiple companies behind the making of a phone. Apple’s iPhone smartphones are getting the benefit of this.

The iPhones are well known for software optimization. Apple’s iPhone is well ahead in terms of user experience, though it doesn’t have the ability to perform on paper due to its remarkable software optimization.


Customization is one of the areas where Android is ahead of the iPhone. The only limitation is the user’s imagination in terms of customization as it has features like homescreen. Any user can customize the Android smartphone in his hand. It is possible to customize every aspect of the Android phone. Even if you don’t like the operating system you are using, there is a chance to use another custom ROM on Android.

On the other hand, iOS-powered iPhones are still lagging behind in terms of customization. It is not possible to do any Ahamri customization on iPhone without changing the wallpaper. Recently, the facility to add widgets has been added to the homescreen of iPhone. The features of the iPhone have been kept so that the users pay more attention to the use of the phone instead of worrying about customization.

Android provides independent ability to download any media or file. That means Android users can download whatever they want from the internet. On the other hand, the process of file management and download is quite complex on the iPhone.


Android is far ahead of iPhone in terms of battery life. Almost all current Android smartphones have fast charging and huge battery at unimaginable speeds. On the other hand, officially only 20 watt fast charger can be used on iPhone, where fast charging has become an essential feature in Android. So in terms of battery, Android smartphones will be ahead of iPhone.


As I said earlier, multiple smartphone makers make Android smartphones. For this reason, the security of each Android phone is different. On the other hand, the iPhone has a good reputation among the users as it follows the zero tolerance policy in terms of security.

Since the launch of the iPhone, Apple has been prioritizing security and privacy in the operating system, iOS. As a result, Apple does not compromise on security in the face of criticism.

Android has the advantage of installing apps from play storage as well as external sources. But there is no such advantage in Apple’s iPhone. Apps can be installed on the iPhone only from Apple’s App Store. Lacking this feature, iPhones are much safer from malware or virus attacks. In terms of security, Apple’s iPhones will be far ahead of Android smartphones.


The main reason for the huge difference between the iPhone and Android in terms of users is the price of the phones. At present, Android smartphones are available at any price from the lowest to the highest. On the other hand, the price of iPhones is much higher than Android. Due to which Android is far ahead in terms of number of users.

There is a new usable Android smartphone available in the market for the price of 100 US dollars. On the other hand, the price of Apple’s cheapest iPhone starts from ৪ 400 to 8 So Android smartphones are convenient for people of any level in terms of price.

Apple recently announced a record amount of iPhone sales. But where the iPhone is being sold like a hot cake, in many respects the Android smartphone is still better than the iPhone. At least hard-core fans of Android think so. Let’s see some similar arguments of Android fans.

  • As soon as you buy an iPhone, you are limited in terms of storage, whereas most Android phones have the advantage of using a memory card.
  • If the battery of your phone is damaged then in case of iPhone there is nothing to do but go to customer care but the battery can be changed in most of the Android phones.
  • Many Android phones have infrared features so you can use it as a remote controller which is not possible on iPhone.
  • Android’s file access system is very simple. The phone can be connected to the PC and it can be drag-and-drop. But file management of Apple iPhone is not so easy.
  • There is no problem in uploading music or pictures to computer or taking them from computer, but iPhone will need iTunes software.
  • You can use any microUSB cable as a charger or data cable on an Android phone and the iPhone will need a specific ‘Lightning’ cable.
  • If you want to install the app, you can easily install the app on the phone from the desktop browser and you must use the App Store or iTunes on the iPhone.
  • You can customize Android phones a lot more which is not possible on iPhone.

Android or iPhone? Which do you think is more convenient? Let us know in the comments section.

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