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Ways to make money through graphics design easy tips & tricks 10

Ways to make money through graphics design

Ways to make money through graphics design

Skills related to graphic design are in great demand in the digital world along with other skills. If you can design graphics, you can earn money through graphic design at home. (Although the word is graphic design, it has become known as graphic design in our country. We are using both terms here.)

Some common questions about graphic design come to mind. E.g.

  1. What is graphics design?
  2. What is the way to earn through graphics design?
  3. What is the way to earn money by designing graphics online?
  4. What are the ways to earn money by freelancing as a graphic designer?
  5. Is it possible to earn money by working in graphics design at home?

We have found the answers to these questions and found 10 ways to earn money by working in graphics design.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a profession or academic field where an idea is visualized through art and various materials. When we see the logos of different companies or the pictures of different types of advertisements, these (at least a huge part) are done through graphics design.

Make sure you know the quality of your work before you learn how to make money through graphics design. In this case, you can hire someone who understands graphic design well as a mentor. You will also need a computer to earn money by designing graphics.

Let’s learn about the ways to earn money through graphics design.

People nearby

The journey of earning as a graphic designer is not an easy one at the beginning but. However, in this case, family and friends can come in handy. If you search, you will know that many of the acquaintances need graphic designing services.

Start with the help of people close to you. Let them know about your work. You can also give them small discounts as family and friends if you want. This increases the scope of your work and income, as well as the chances of getting your work from friends and family acquaintances.

There is no better publicity than word of mouth. Tell your family and friends to do a good job and let their acquaintances know about your work if possible. This increases the chances of getting a job as a graphic designer.

Income from graphic design by freelancing

Like all other skills, it is possible to earn money by freelancing in the field of graphics design. You can easily open an account on freelancing platforms like Freelancer, People Per Hour, Upwork and get a job as a graphic designer by bidding according to your skills.

If you want to get a job or a project, you must have a portfolio. You can also highlight the work done in the past, which will easily attract the customer to you when you get the job. In this case, you can use Dribbble, Behance, etc. sites to create a portfolio.

Graphics design service

A variety of graphics design related services can be sold on a freelancing platform like Fiber. You can also create service packages or gigs based on specific graphic design services.

If you are an experienced graphic designer then providing multiple graphic design services should not be your problem. Create specific service-based gigs, e.g.

  • Create a logo for an organization or an individual
  • Making business cards
  • Flyer made
  • Banner making
  • Creating ads, etc.

If those who need your service are interested in seeing your gig, you will get the job in no time. You can set gigs worth thousands of dollars starting at ড 5 on Fiber.

Also if you have just opened the gig on Fiber, you can create a gig by following the gigs already at the top.

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Envato Athor

Envato is a network of multiple marketplaces where people from all over the world sell their digital assets and services. Everything from edited photos in Photoshop to scripts for websites can be sold in Envato Marketplace.

Envato is basically a network of many sites. Graphicriver is one of these websites. Originally made by designers, logos, icons, fonts, vectors, business flyers and other graphic assets are sold at Graphicriver.

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Income by designing t-shirts

The demand for eye-catching design t-shirts is increasing day by day. It is also possible to earn money by designing t-shirts and selling them by selling graphics. The advantage of t-shirt design is that you don’t always have to work actively.

Once you design a t-shirt, your work is often over. The rest of the process is not your problem as a graphics designer.

There are some websites where it is very easy to create an online shop and sell t-shirts. E.g.

  • Printful: The website shipping your designed shirts under your brand label
  • Spadeshirt: Custom designed t-shirts can be sold
  • Threadless: You design the t-shirt and upload it for voting. If the shirt designed by you is considered the best by voting, the shirt of that design will be made and sold

You can make and sell T-shirts with unique photos, fonts, typography, etc. designed by you as a graphic designer. Also, in cases where there is a good demand for t-shirts, you can make t-shirts based on them and sell them.

Graphics Design Contest

Graphics design contests are held on many websites like 99 Designs, 48 ​​Hours Logo, Crowdspring. Even after winning these design contests, it is possible to earn money through graphic design at home.

These sites are basically where clients post for their creative projects. Freelancers submit their designs for free. The clients then check all the submissions, choose the one they like and give the prize of the contest.

The advantage of participating in this type of designing contest is that besides earning money by designing graphics, there are learning opportunities and the ability to work fast. These contests are also very useful in creating a portfolio.

Dribble and Bihans

Dribble and Behans are two great websites to showcase their great works to the world. These two platforms are the most popular creative networks in the world.

To work on special projects and ongoing collaborations, you will see posts from various organizations and businesses on the Dribble and Behavior Job Boards. You can use your portfolio in dribble and bihans to get these jobs.

Graphic design training or teaching to others

As there is a lot of demand for graphics design as a service, there is no shortage of people interested in learning graphic design. If you understand graphic design very well, you can also earn money by teaching graphic design to others.

You can teach graphic design directly to others, or even online. You can even create online courses if you want which others can buy for money.

Many people look for tutors on Facebook groups and websites related to graphics design. For a certain amount of money you can offer a graphics designing course or tuition from which a good income is possible.

graphics design


YouTube is currently the largest video streaming platform in the world. You can also earn money by creating fun and enjoyable content as a graphic designer by giving pleasure to others.

Since it takes some time to earn money on YouTube, this graphic designer can upload videos by opening a YouTube channel along with any one of the other ways to earn money.


Websites deduct a certain amount when working on freelancing websites as a freelancer. But if you open your own website and provide your graphics design service, the whole money will remain with you. You can also increase engagement by organizing different types of gift campaigns on your website.

You will be able to generate interest in giving jobs directly to you with discounts from those who will receive services from your website. In addition to displaying your work on your website, there is also the facility to sell online classes or online courses.

The last word

Getting a job at the beginning of the journey as a graphic designer can be a daunting task. In this case, if you have an interesting portfolio, you can get a good advantage in getting a job.

So the best decision as a graphic designer is to build your own portfolio as well as work. If you can build a good portfolio over time, the customer will find you for the job.

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