PUBG Game rule: A Beginner’s Guide To The easy Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Some tips for new pubg players

pubg is a very popular game. PUBG Game rule pubg tips and tricks . Everyone tries to play this game, but they can’t play even after installing the game because they don’t have the right idea. So this post with pubg game rules and some tips for new pubg players. New pubg players will learn a lot.

Download pubg

Those who are new to pubg will first install the pubg game in their mobile phones. To install pubg, download it from the Google Play Store if you have an Android smartphone or from the Apple Store if you have an iPhone. pubg is a game with a lot of advanced graphics and its size is big so it is good to have space between MB and mobile to install.

pubg game rules

Once the pubg game’s mobile app is downloaded, you need to register to start the game. You can use Facebook account or Google account to register. So login with Facebook or Google account. I will suggest you to login through Facebook account. Then go to Hmm and press Start to start the game. The game will start in a while. When the game starts, land in a good place. After landing, find some houses, houses, buildings and collect pistols. Start playing now. Start hitting the front anime. When all the anime is dead there will be a chicken dinner for you.

PUBG Game rule: A Beginner’s Guide To The Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Some tips for new pubg players

Check the network speed at the beginning of the game: Many times in our country there are many problems with the network as a result of which it is not possible to land well and how to die.

Use headphones: As a result of using headphones, you can know the condition of the anime. Moreover, it has many advantages.

Jumping and running while running: Many times while running, they shoot from behind or from a distance, which results in a sudden attack.

Use the car: Those who are new game players will try to get a good idea about the game by going around with the car after some level up.

Always stay inside the zoom: A lot of times new pubg players go out of their way because they have no idea about zoom and many don’t want to pay attention so they suddenly have to fall into a strange situation.

Don’t stand in one place: Many times they target anime from a distance, so if they stand, they become successful. You can’t stand in one place, you have to be in running.

Try to play fast while playing pubg. Try to land early. Land in places where there are more houses. Try to kill the anime with the car. Always drink the drinks as soon as you get them.

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