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Learn digital marketing in just 5 minutes (Episode 2)

Everything You Need To Know To Be A Digital Marketer (Episode 2)

In the first part, we got a good idea about digital marketing. We know what digital marketing is, how it works, what is the difference between analog marketing and digital marketing, and what digital marketing can be like. In this episode we will talk about some of the common trends and tactics of digital marketing which will make our concept of marketing more clear.

At the beginning I will discuss some of the trends that can not be avoided in 2021. These are completely covered in the world trade market.

  1. Artificial intelligence
    It is said that the whole world will be flooded with artificial intelligence at some point. Human work will then come down to almost zero. In 2019, this artificial intelligence or AI has captured a large share of the marketing market. Take Facebook Messenger Bot as an example. If you knock on a selling company in messenger, they reply almost immediately. And if you ask them for products according to your needs, then they can show you the products of your choice. They even display their products in front of you later based on what your needs are. If you like to buy shirts, you will be informed about the new shirts in their collection. Who does not like such benefits?

2. Chatbots
This chatbot is one of the topics currently being discussed on Facebook. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this chatbot easily understands any user’s needs and provides information accordingly. Users feel more comfortable using this chatbot as the chatbot can reply much faster than the original respondent. With the help of a chatbot called DUmamabot of Dhaka University, users can easily know when the bus leaves and when the next bus will arrive. Such chatbots are now used in almost all organizations.

  1. Personalized e-mail
    Nowadays, the most common trend is to personalize e-mail in your own way. At present, various organizations communicate with their customers through e-mail for communication. However, in this case, if they do not send the mail in the conventional style and send the mail as customized so that the customer understands, then the results are quite good. Customers also show more interest in the company.
  1. Video marketing
    Live video sharing on social media is so prevalent now that marketers have not made the mistake of taking advantage of it. Live videos on the use of different products or live video of product unveiling are now attracting a lot more customers. Video sharing makes it easier for customers to get their message across. Many people use 360 ​​° video which makes the whole thing more interesting.
  2. Social Media Story
    Every hour, someone is uploading stories on social media. What he is doing, what he is eating, where he is going, who he is going with, all these things have to be shared in the story. Various companies are also taking advantage of this story to sell products. At the same time it is seen that various organizations are promoting their products in the story with their affiliates. Such propaganda has really become quite common now and everyone is accepting it. These were some of the current digital marketing trends. Here are some tactics that can be used for marketing in any small business.
  3. Notice what the target group likes
    If there is any good post on social media now, there is a rush to share it. You can use this thing for marketing. Many well-known restaurants are using this intelligence to increase their popularity. It is often the case that there is a kind of social media battle between two specific organizations over who can make the funniest posts. Ordinary people enjoy watching and sharing it. In this way, they can market themselves only for fun.
  4. To make arrangements so that the customer can take advantage of using mobile and desktop at the same time
    Currently a web site is being developed for almost all types of businesses. Assuming you create a web site to sell products online. Now you need to see which way customers can access your web site. If you only develop sites for the desktop, you will not find many customers. Because most customers now feel more comfortable using mobile phones. So it can be seen that at the beginning of the business you are losing a large part of the customers which is not desirable in any way. That’s why you can arrange a separate web design or an app for mobile phone customers.
  5. Give more importance to campaigning on social media
    Campaigning on social media has now become a big part of digital marketing. Since people now spend a large part of their day on social media, it is relatively easy for them to market themselves through it. It is often seen that campaigning on social media is much more effective than campaigning at the field level. At the same time, people use social media to keep all their work updated. This attracts a lot of customers.
  6. When developing a website, make sure you talk to the customer directly
    It is very important nowadays to give importance to the opinion of the customers in any matter. Customers need to keep this in mind while developing any website or app so that they can express their views. Moreover, there should be a system to talk directly with the customers. Then customers can do it if they have any immediate queries. For this you can also arrange a messenger bot if you want.
  7. Keep a target e-mail group
    The easiest and most effective way to notify your favorite customers as soon as you bring a new product is to inform them via e-mail or message. This will increase the contact with all the customers who buy regular products from you and increase the closeness from before. It is very important to keep a list of such customers for your own success.

Here is a list of some of the best-selling books on marketing in 2019. From these books you can get more and clearer idea about marketing.

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