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Lost or stolen phone is nothing new. However, if the Android phone is lost or not found or stolen, you can try to find my lost phone using Google’s “Find My Device” feature on the phone.

Let’s find out how to find a lost phone using Google’s Find Device feature. It will also discuss how to turn on the Find My Device feature on your Android phone.

What is the Google Find My Device feature?

Previously this feature was known as Android Device Manager. Google’s Find My Device is an important feature for Android phones, allowing users to find their smartphones, tablets and smartwatches as well as lock them if they want. Find My Device is basically an extension of Google Play Services and Google Play Protect. If a device is lost, the data on the device can be deleted using this feature.

Prerequisite for finding a lost phone

Using Find My Device, a lost Android phone can be found on any mobile or computer. Previously, the Find My Device app needed to be installed to use this feature, but now it is available on almost all phones. This means that all Android users can now use the Find My Device feature.

If you want to find your Android phone after getting lost, then you need to confirm some things in advance. Things to find out in advance to find a lost phone:

  • Lost phone must be turned on
  • You must have logged in to your Google account on the lost phone
  • The lost phone must be connected to WiFi or mobile data
  • The phone must have Google Play Store running
  • Lost phone location service must be turned on
  • Find My Device feature must be turned on

Rules for launching the Google Find My Device feature

To get the most out of the Google Find My Device feature, you must confirm the above conditions. If the above conditions are correct then let’s find out how to turn on the Find My Device feature and set it properly.

To launch Google Find My Device:

Connect to the Internet by turning on WiFi or mobile data on your phone

• Then enter the Settings app on your phone

• Scroll down and enter the Google menu

• Then enter the Find My Device option

Now you can turn on the Find My device for your phone. Note that if your phone’s settings app has a search feature, then you can search directly by typing “Find My Device” to find the desired feature.

Different manufacturing companies customize Android in different ways. So it may take a while for you to find the Find My Device option for your phone. In that case you can contact the support of your device manufacturer company.

Now you can use the Find My Device feature on your phone to see if the device status feature in the Google Play Store can be used. Access from any browser. There you will see the devices associated with your Google Account. Make sure the device you just added is shown in the list that appears.

If you do not see your phone in the list, you can turn off the Find Device service and turn it on again.

Also, Find My Device will not work properly if your phone’s location service is turned off. So in order for my fund device to work properly, you must follow the prerequisites one by one.

Rules for finding a lost phone

Since we will find the lost phone through Google account, then all important strategies like two-step verification should be used to ensure the security of your Google account i.e. Gmail. Now let’s find out, the rules for finding lost devices using Find My Device.

To find the lost mobile, from a browser on a mobile or computer. Then login to the Google account that was logged in to your phone. Then Find My Device will try to find your device. If the location of your lost phone is correct, then you can clearly see the location of your phone on the map.

If you see your phone on the map, then click on “Play Sound” and your lost phone will start ringing. This way you can easily find your lost Android phone. find a lost Android phone

At the top or left of the Find My Devices page, you’ll see a list of all the devices connected to the Google Account you’re logged into. At the same time you can see the model name of your device, when it was last identified, what network it is connected to and the remaining battery life, etc.

Rules for locking lost phone

If you lose your phone, you can lock the lost phone if you want, so that no one else can use your phone. Let’s not know, the rules to lock the lost phone.

Find your device by entering the Find My Device website to lock the lost phone. Once you have found your device, click on Lock from the Security option. Then enter a message and phone number to show on the lock screen and click on Lock, the lost phone will be locked. At the other end of the screen of your lost phone the message and phone number will be shown so that it is easy to understand that it is a lost phone. find a lost Android phone

The easiest way to find a lost Android phone find my lost phone find my device
The easiest way to find a lost Android phone

Rules for deleting lost phone data

If your phone is not likely to be returned privately, you can delete all data on that phone for security reasons. Interestingly, this data to delete or delete lost phone feature can be used even if your lost phone is offline. In that case your phone will be reset as soon as it is connected online.

To clear or delete lost phone data, and find your device. Then when you find your device, click on Erase from there. Then click on the Erase button to confirm that all the data of the lost phone will be cleared subject to being online.

Police diary to find lost or stolen phone If you lose your phone, try the above method and if there is no solution, then you can go to the nearest police station and make a GD. An application form will be required to make a GD for a lost or stolen phone in which case you will be assisted by the police. You can also call the Police Control Room and the National Help Desk, 999 for more information.

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